采用Linux和MicroBlaze快速启动嵌入式系统开发 2007-11-22 09:00:00
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    AMicroblaze Linux is provided as source code for free. You can visit for more information.

  • Q在嵌入式操作系统都用linux时,FPGA跟arm9相比有什么优势,谢谢

    AFPGA is very flexible with configuration capability. There must be some user logic designed in FPGA and interfaced to Microblaze, which demostrates the advantage of system on FPGA. Traditional ARM9 MCU simply cannot provide such flexibility. Linux on Microblaze makes the programmable platform become more solid and usful.

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    AMost of the materials are in English so far. Please visit to get detail training information.

  • Q怎么开始我的LINIX?

    AWe have free Linux source tree package for Microblaze, which includes all the source code for distribution as well as the EDK hardware reference design project files. Please visit

  • Qspartan3e和spartan3a的器件是否可以采用linux 操作系统?

    AIf your design is using the Microblaze embedded processor of Xilinx, you can run Linux RTOS on it.

  • Qxilinx 的FPGA 使用linux 操作系统 是否一定要在linux 环境下开发?能否在 windows 操作系统环境下开发?

    AThe development tools support Windows. In the webcast, we mentioned that Microblaze can run Linux RTOS, it really means the embedded processor Microblaze is running Linux RTOS and not the tools OS. Hope this help.

  • Q包括所有基本常用外设ip核的microblaze嵌入式系统共约占用多少fpga的资源(lc)呢?多谢!

    AThe resources used will depend on the external IP core you will be using. If you can be more specific, we can provide you with a better estimate.

  • Qvirtex系列fpga的资源是按lc来计算,比如virtex5 是330 000(lc),如果按lut来计算又是多少呢?按集成门数计算有时多少呢?多谢!

    AFor V5LX330 , we have LUTs : 207,360